Do You Know About The Food Value Of Tomatoes

Many people have no idea about the food value of tomatoes. The scientific name of tomato is Solanum Lycopersicum. Tomatoes are used as the vegetable and also as a fruit. There is a lot of discussions whether it is a fruit or a vegetable. Tomatoes are mostly used in every recipe and also used in salad plates. In Urdu and Hindi tomatoes are know as ” Tamatar“.

Unripe tomato has green color whereas when it is ripped its color change into red. Without tomatoes, salad plate seems incomplete. Green tomatoes are sour. Ripe are easy to eat when you in the mood to eat raw tomatoes with homemade spicy masala. For increasing taste, you can squeeze lemon on tomato pieces and eat it with spicy masala.

Tomatoes play a good role to improve the digestive system. Calcium is found in tomatoes so it makes the bones strong. This reddish and juicy thing is stuffed with iron. Iron are good in the deficiency of blood. Rich in many Vitamins and Minerals. The high amount of Lycopene is found in tomatoes. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant which is responsible for protecting the cells from damaging. This antioxidant is also good for the heart diseases. Now we are going to describe the food value of tomatoes.

Food Value Of Tomatoes

Tomatoes Are Good For Your Heart

Red and fresh tomatoes play a good role to protect your heart from many disorders. Lycopene an antioxidant which increases the food value of tomatoes. Lycopene maintains the cholesterol level in the blood. Consume tomatoes daily in your diet.

Improve Eye Sight

For improving eyesight so eat tomatoes. Vitamin A is present in tomatoes, which protect your eyes vision.

Tomatoes For Healthy Bones

Calcium is responsible for healthy bones. Tomatoes are rich in calcium and also with Vitamin K. The person who use tomatoes daily, it plays a good role for their bones. Cut into pieces and add them to your salad plate.

Healthy Skin

Tomato protects your skin cells from damaging. Lycopene is found in tomatoes which are good for a healthy skin.

Healthy Hair

If you want to improve your hair texture, so include tomato juice in your diet. Vitamin A, good for your hair. This Vitamin keeps your hair strong and shiny.

Healthy Immune System

Good for the digestive system and also good in constipation. The fiber in it plays a good role for treatment of constipation. Tomatoes help for healthy bowel moment.

food value about tomatoes

Cancer Prevention

Tomatoes have abilities to protect you from cancer. Lycopene which is found in tomatoes protects you from stomach, colon, prostate, breast and lung cancer. The antioxidants in tomatoes prevent carcinogenic reactions in the body.

Tomatoes Are Good For Weight Loss

One medium tomato has around about 22 calories, 1 gram of protein, 4 grams of carbs, and 0.2 gram of fat. You can eat this reddish thing in your diet plan. You can cut small pieces of tomatoes in your salad plates.

Digestive Health And Constipation

Improves healthy digestive system. Avoid constipation problems. Constipation occurs when you have a weak digestive system. Tomatoes play a good role in eliminating constipation. Cut small pieces of red tomatoes and eat them with your meal or you may eat them with your own making salad.

Tomatoes Are Good For Kidneys

Some studies show that if you use tomatoes regularly, it can protect you from kidney stones. Tomatoes have seeds inside them don’t eat tomatoes along with the seeds. Seeds may produce stone in your kidney.

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