Here Are Banana Benefits And With Side Effects

In this article, we will describe banana benefits and side effects. Banana fruit originated in Malaysia some 4000 years ago. They were first introduced to Africa by the Arabian traders. It was later on taken to United States market for sale.

Wikipedia describes more about nutritional facts of banana. It is elliptically shaped and a creamy sweet fruit.There are numerous varieties even vary in size and color. Its original color is green that gradually ripens to become yellow and is ready to be eaten.


Banana benefits and side effects

This is an energy giving fruit. The yellow-skinned fruit is beneficial to every individual right from the infant to the elders. It includes a nutritional value for the human body. This creamy fruit is the favorite fruit of everyone.

Banana is the only fruit that contains the maximum quantity of vitamin B6 and potassium and 105 calories in a banana. Consuming this healthy fruit yields the number of benefits with nutritional value and other health benefits.

It helps in fighting depression, makes you smarter, you can get your hangovers cured, get relief from morning sickness, can protect from kidney cancer. It also helps in fighting osteoporosis, and blindness they help in curing the mosquito bites. It sustains your blood sugar. Eat this fruit and get numerous health benefits of banana.

The sugar present in the banana is better than the sugar found in candies or any other sweet food. Sweet and creamy fruit contains fructose and glucose when we consumed, the body forms them in a manner that fructose is separated in the liver and the glucose is separated into the stomach and needs insulin to be metabolized.

Let’s talk about banana benefits and side effects.

Banana Health Benefits

Banana Benefits For Bodybuilders

For all those who going for gyms and having muscular cramps during their workout, it will protect them by eating this healthy creamy fruit.

Bones And Calcium

Helps in building strong bones and counteract calcium loss during urination.


Banana can help you out with anemia. Deficiency of iron is the major cause of this disorder. Eat a banana or you can drink a banana milkshake twice a day.

Improve Digestive System

Include this sweet and creamy fruit in your daily diet schedule. It helps to improve the digestive system. Because it loaded with fiber. Fiber plays a role in speeding up your digestion which leads to a healthy digestive system. Eat this delicious fruit with your meal.

Healthy Bowel Movement

This delicious and creamy fruit is rich in fiber, which helps in normal bowel movement.

Improve Your Mood

It helps to improve your mood and reduce PMS symptoms by regulating the blood sugar and producing stress relieving causing relaxation.

Banana Benefits For Stomach Ulcers

Stomach ulcers caused by corrosive acid. When you eat a banana it coats the inner line of your stomach, so the corrosive acid is unable to disturb your stomach.

Banana Keep Your HEART Healthy

This delicious fruit is good for your heart. It packed with potassium and minerals. Which helps to maintain the flow of electricity in your body. A good thing for your heartbeat.

Healthy Weight Gain With Banana

One of the health benefits of banana is gaining healthy weight. One banana has 105 calories. More calories mean to gain weight fast. You can drink banana shake twice a day for better results. If you joined a gym for muscles gain so you can eat them before the gym. It is a good pre-workout snack for skinny guys.

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Banana Good For Weight Loss

Some of the experts say that green bananas are more beneficial than a yellow. The green bananas contain resistant starch which helps to fill you up and also burn fat.

The yellow banana consists of 50% glycemic index which indicates how fast the carbohydrates increase your blood sugar level. According to the recent studies, it is observed that low glycemic index food helps in reducing weight.

Banana Side Effects And Cautions

  • Banana increase weight fast
  • You may face constipation
  • Hyperkalemia
  • Don’t eat banana with empty stomach
  • Tooth Decay
  • Sleepiness
  • Stomach upset
  • Gas

Final Words

If these side effects occur so you should avoid eating the banana. Don’t be lazy for consulting with your doctor. Excess of everything is bad so eat a banana in a recommended dose.

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