Top Health Benefits About Green Peas

health benefits of peas

These green little balls have great health benefits. Peas (Matar) are the good source of protein, energy, and many vitamins. Many peoples are unknown of its health benefits. You should include this delicious and healthy vegetable in your meals.

Weight Loss

It helps you to get rid of fat from your body. These delicious balls are low in calories and fats so it is a great veggie for your weight loss plans. One cup of  (Matar) has approximately 110 calories.

Prevent from stomach cancer

These tiny green balls have large benefits with a small size. A polyphenol called coumestrol which helps to protect from stomach cancer.

Anti-Aging properties

Many people’s skin become older before time. Peas are good for anti-aging properties. Antioxidants are present in these tiny balls like carotenoid, catechin, flavonoids etc. which helps to protect your skin.

Healthy bones

Tiny green balls are good for your healthy bones. Vitamin K plays a role in absorbing calcium for healthy bones. Peas also protect you from osteoporosis.

Good for heart

The heart is the main part of a body. Heart suffers from many diseases because of cholesterol level. Niacin is found in peas which are good to reduce bad cholesterol. Peas also help to prevent from blockage of the blood vessel. Eat these delicious peas for your healthy heart.

Treat Constipation with Peas

Constipation is a common disease nowadays. There are many reasons behind this. One of the reason is taking less fiber to your stomach. Fiber plays an important role in healthy bowel movements. This delicious vegetable does a trick to relief you from constipation.

Improves your immunity

If you have a strong immunity system so your body able to defend against infections. There are many essentials minerals in (Mattar) which help you to protect from many diseases.

 Reduce bad cholesterol

Peas are good for your health. Niacin plays the important role to reduce bad cholesterol in the body. Bad cholesterol is a bad for your heart. Your heart suffers many diseases because of cholesterol level.


The people who suffer from kidney disorders,so avoid eating it. This veggie contains purines, a substance which is not good for kidney disorder persons. Don’t worry, a healthy person can eat it without any hesitation.


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