Do You Know About Onions Health Benefits

Onions are important for good health and also for a Kitchen. The kitchen is incomplete without it. Onions are almost used in every recipe. Its scientific name is Allium Cepa. Onions know as “Piaz” in Urdu Hindi languages. Many people dislike onions because of its pungent odor. If you one of them, so after reading this article I am pretty sure you will ready to eat them.

Onions have different size, color, and taste. The colors are red, yellow and white. Onions are rich in antioxidants, nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Protect you from many diseases and many infections. It protects you from flu, produces healthy sperms, increases appetite, solves stomach gas problems and much more. Don’t avoid onions to chew under your teeth. Use this in different ways. In Pakistan and India, it is the part of a salad. Let’s talk about onions health benefits.

Onions Health Benefits

Digestive problems

Take a raw red onion and cut it into pieces. Now wring lemon on the pieces and sprinkle salt on it. Eat it as a salad along with your meal. Onion salad is commonly used in Pakistan and India. This onion salad works for your digestive problems. It also increases your appetite.

Onion Benefits Your Sex Life

Produce healthy sperms in a man. Use onion juice or you may eat it raw along with ginger, it improves your healthy sex life. For increasing sexual power use the onion salad with your lunch. Don’t eat at dinner time because in this time the raw onions may decrease your sperms.

Good For Flu

Onions are also good for flu treatment. Take equal quantity of onion juice and honey. Mix them together and use this mixture. It is not good for flu but also treat your sore throat, cough, and fever.


Onion Benefits in Vomiting

Make a mixture of an onion and ginger juice. Take equal quantity of both juices before making a mixture.

Increase Mother’s Breast Milk

Good for mothers who have a deficiency of breast milk for their babies. Eat raw onions with a meal. It solves your problem.

Good For Oral Health

Onions play their role to stop the oral infections. Kills the mouth germs if you chew raw onions. Natural treatment for your mouth and their surroundings. Always eat healthy and remain healthy.

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