How To Gain Weight Fast With Natural Foods

Nowadays there are a lot of discussion about weight loss instead of weight gaining. Here we are to solve your problem how you can gain weight fast naturally.

There are a lot of skinny peoples who want to increase weight naturally. In this article, we help to those people who want to increase weight fast and naturally. Don’t worry we are here to tell you weight gain tips for skinny guys.

gain weight fast naturally

It is not an easy task to put some pounds on a skinny body. A proper diet plan is required to achieve the goals. Healthy people make a fun of skinny guys, a disappointment moment for skinny guys. But sometimes this thing plays a vital role for many skinny guys to motivate them to become a muscular guy.

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We try our best to suggest some ideas for skinny guys. Follow them and get some pounds on your skeleton. Here are foods that makes you gain weight.

Foods For Gain Weight Fast Naturally

Banana Shake

Banana has a lot of health benefits. It not only gain weight but also improves your health. Banana is high in calories and also packed with carbohydrates. Drink banana shakes twice a day for better results. You can add honey in your shake. If you doing gym then use this as your pre-workout shake. Add 4 bananas in milk and add some white oats in it. Shake it and drink it and go to your gym.

Gain Weight With Potatoes

A great thing for a healthy weight gain. Don’t miss it in your daily routine diet. Potatoes are full of carbohydrates. It’s up to you how to eat it. Eat this delicious veggie and gain weight fast.

Peanut butter

A delicious and healthy butter. Most people like it a lot. You can use it as a spread on your bread. You can also use it in your milkshakes. If you really want to gain weight fast so peanut butter is a good deal.


A delicious and mouthwatering fruit play a good role for skinny guys. You guys feel happy that your favorite fruit helps to gain weight. So why you waiting for, go and eat this delicious fruit. But don’t eat mango alone. Drink mango shake because mango with milk helps to gain weight instead of eating mango alone.

Lean Red Meat

Red meat is good to gain healthy weight. Lean red meat provides you protein and iron. Protein is good for building muscles. So don’t miss this thing.


Nuts are also helpful for you skinny body. If you fond to eat nuts like walnuts, almonds, figs, peanuts, and cashews,  then these nuts help you to gain weight fast. These nuts are full of many minerals, vitamins, fiber, and fats which obviously helps to gain healthy weight.


Eggs are filled with fat, calories, and protein. Eggs are most important thing in bodybuilder’s diet. It also helps you to increase healthy weight. Eat eggs in your daily diet plan if you really want to gain healthy weight.

gain weight fast


A delicious and healthy green vegetable is the best thing for you guys. One-half of an avocado contains almost 135 calories. More calories you take, more weight you gain. Avocado also filled with vitamin E, Folic Acid, and potassium.


This milky product is an ideal thing for gaining some pounds. There are many varieties of this product, some cheese filled with fat. Fat helps you to put kilos on your skinny body. There are many ways to eat it, how you eat it’s up to you.

Natural Granola

Packed with essential nutrition which make you healthy. Natural granola is ideal for skinny guys in breakfast. It gives you enough calories to put some pounds on your skinny body. You can add some delicious fruits in it and also add some honey to make it tasty.


Don’t miss exercise in your life. If you want a healthy life so exercise is compulsory. Exercise also helps to gain weight because it increases your appetite. More appetite leads to eating more and more eat leads to increase weight.

Some more Tips to gain weight fast:-

  • Smoking decreases your weight, so avoid smoking.
  • Eat after every 3 hours.
  • Don’t eat fruits on an empty stomach.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, water helps to keep you hydrated.
  • sleep properly for muscle growth.

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